Year-Middle Working Summary Meeting of JINPAT

Dditors:admin Time:2011-08-18

On July 16th, JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd held Semiannual Working Summary Meeting in the sales center office with all sales staffs according to our usual practice. The meeting lasted around 4 hours and everybody raised some questions and good suggestions for company. The half year of 2011, all staffs tried their best endeavor to finish their work and task successfully, also put more energy to plan and take action--- how to let JINPAT develop and grow dramatically. “No pains, No gains”, we have completed below important items in this half year with staff’s hard working continuously.

1.Sales revenue has exceeded 40% compared with last year and expected to break through 60%.

2.Expanding factory and increasing workers constantly.

3.Quality administration, delivery efficiency, production capacity has increased a great deal of. 

4.Operating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system formally.

5.Applying for High Technology Enterprise certification.

Planning in the next half of year as follows:

1.Finish sales revenue target that company planned last year.
2.The management structure of company should be optimized further and improve all kinds of management system.
3.Pay more attention to the training, especially for new staffs. And try best to provide them some learning opportunities to enhance comprehensive quality.
4.Strengthen team spirit, internal communication and coordination ability.
Funded in 1996, Jinpat really has enjoyed “Hurrican Type” development until 2011. From 1,000 square meters factory to 7,000 square meters, from 8 staffs to 500 staffs now and so forth, all of these proved JINPAT’s rapid growth process. On the human resource aspect, our general manager made a specific organizational planning and deploy on “ how to employ staff, how to arrange staff correctly and how to leave on staff.”, also pointed out that, we should have a long-term strategic develop target and impeccable management mechanism on human resources. 

We, JINPAT Electronics, looking forward to creating a bright future together with you.?>?>?>

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