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Wind Turbine Slip Rings

Voltage AC/DC(V): 
Operating Speed Max (rpm): 
Contact Material: 
Copper Graphite, Precious Metals

LPW-0560-1410-08S Variable Propeller Signal Slip Ring

1. provide power supply for pitch system, transmit control signal and communication signal

2. The slip ring is mounted on the hub with the same speed on the shaft. It prevents rotation through the suspension support. Slip ring is connected to the shaft of the gearbox and its interface should match the shape and dimensions of the gearbox shaft.

3. provide wheel lighting power supply loop and have thermostat adjustable heater

4. own speed measurement device to strengthen the fan monitoring and fan safety protection

5. Wire outlet way: Rotor side connection—head to head, stator side connection—head to head


★ Technical Parameters



5 circuits(power)+22 circuits(signal)


5 circuits@ 10A, 4~30 circuits



Operating Speed


Working Temperature


scope of application


Housing material

Aluminum alloy blasting



Working life

About 220 million

Contact material

Copper Graphite, Precious Metals

Dynamic resistance fluctuation

≤10mΩ(at 50rpm)



Pressure strength


Lead Size

AWG6#,17#Teflon Wire,CAN bus

Insulation Resistance


Working Humidity



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