Visit to Bauma China 2010 in Shanghai

Dditors:admin Time:2010-12-31

Bauma China 2010, the 5th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment was perfectly responding to a curtain call on 26th November. Project team for engineering machinery in JINPAT Electronics attended the show the fair as professional audience. 

Engineering machinery giants around the world participated in the fair and showed their advanced products and technology respectively. This was a grand banquet full of communication and study as well as competition. Liebherr, Terex, Sany, Xugon, Manitowoc and other companies held large-scale outdoor exhibition. A continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition to negotiate business with enterprises. Once more, bauma China has further consolidated its position as the leading trade show for the Chinese and Asian construction industry.
Slip rings produced by JINPAT are widely used in the industry of engineering machinery. As machine parts, slip rings are installed those equipment which needs 360°continuously transmitting power and signals. Typical application in engineering machinery are truck crane、Aerial Working Platform and so on. In the fair, Sany Group exhibited a automobile crane which could lift 220 ton of goods. To our excitement, slip ring designed and manufactured by JINPAT for Sany Group was applied in that crane. It demonstrates that JINPAT has strong R&D capacity in the slip ring field. Also, our products has good application prospect in engineering machinery. As the same time, we JINPAT are confident of supplying high quality slip rings for all kinds of engineering device.
Picture1.Sany Group demonstrated the truck crane
Bauma China is an International Trade Fair for engineering machinery. It is also a good opportunity to propagandize enterprise and full of business opportunities. Looking forward to showing JINPAT’ various slip rings in Bauma China 2012.?>

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