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Dditors:admin Time:2010-10-23

Oct1, 2010 was not only the National Day but also a wonderful day for JINPAT Electronics. To celebrate the significant holiday, the entire staff of JINPAT held a series of activities. On the morning of Oct1, around 300 employees got together in front of the factory, then took the bus to the XiaoMeiSha coastal park. Under the sway of sea breezes, we swam freely in the sea and enjoyed the brilliant sunshine. Playing games, taking photos or lying on the beach quietly. Everybody had fun on the special day!

At noon, we divided into small groups to have a barbecue competition. This activity aimed to strengthen the friendship among workers as well as promoting our company's cohesion. In the efforts of all the staff the barbecue went smoothly and each enjoyed delicious food cooked by themselves.
As a well-known slip ring manufacturer in domestic and overseas market, JINPAT enjoys a good reputation for supplying durable and reliable slip rings and offer high-class after-service. The success of JINPAT lies in strong R&D capability, strict quality control system, sincere service attitude.. All the employees cooperate with each other kindly to manufacture high-quality slip rings. This is the core competitiveness of JINPAT Electronics.

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