The types of Conductive Slip Ring According to Structure

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    Conductive slip ring is a electromechanical component that can has from fixed device transmit current,data signal to rotary device,it’s also called electrical slip ring,elecrical brush,collecting ring,rotary joint or electrical turnable.Especially apply to equipement of needing unrestricting,continuous or interpreting rotary operation.In the same time also needs some places which can transmit high-capacity data,signal from fixed position to ratary position.It can improve mechanical performance,simplify system operation,avoid the wire to cause damage in the rotary process.

      Structure of slip ring has many different types according to area,transmission medium and so on.As below writing divide into five part according to structure dividing method.

1.Through-Bore slip ring

Hollow in the middle of a series of conductive slip ring is collectively called through-bore slip ring.It mainly use in transmit accurate signal,weak current,high current,high voltage with low torque,low resistance,maintenace free,low electrical noise,longer life,also called hollow shaft slip ring.

2.Capsule Slip ring

Capsule slip ring,it means slip ring looks like a cap.Capsule slip ring besides    flange plate,it coorporate with clients device to install through of some fixed hollow in flange plate,so capsule slip ring is a struture of fixing outer ,shafting inner generally.

3.Pancake Slip Ring

Pancake slip ring is limted by height space provides effective solution for precise devices that need to transmit current and signal in rotary table and static table.Pancake slip ring is divided into two types of one piece pancake slip ring and separeted pancake slip ring.

4.Separate Slip Ring

Separate slip ring is composed of rotor and wiper,and the rotor part with hollow can apply to hydraulic channel,air pressure channel or the shaft assembly,can match up clients system that space limitation and installment requirement better,and use contact pin intead of wire contact to transmit high current.

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LPT025 Series Slip Ring with Through Bore 25.4mm



This unit can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, intermittent, or continuous rotation while transferring power or data.The LPT025 provides an economical, readily available solution when a compact through-bore configuration is required. This unit provides a 25.4mm through-bore for routing hydraulic or pneumatic lines and a compact 86mm outside diameter for minimal space applications. The 15 amps per circuit are available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 ring configurations in 4 housing lengths. Similar in design to our very popular LPT025 series, this design features long life, fiber brush contact technology for ultimate performance in many challenging applications. Fiber brushes do not require lubrication and produce virtually no wear debris, for maintenance free, life time operation.



◆ 6, 12, 18 and 24 circuits models

◆ Precious metal contacts

◆ 5 amps rings

◆ Precision ball bearings for long life

◆ Speed up to 500 rpm continuous

◆ Compact size

◆ Sealed units available

◆ Flying leads

◆ Fully compatible with both analog and TTL control level signals

◆ Rugged black anodized aluminum construction



1-24 circuits

Operating Speed


Working Temperature

-20℃~ +60℃

Working Humidity

60%RH or higher


Voltage Rating

380VAC/DC or higher

Current  Rating

2A/5A/10A/15A per circuit

Dielectric Strength

≥1000V@50Hz between each circuit

Insulation Resistance

1000MΩ@ 500VDC

Electrical Noise

1mΩ Min


Contact Material

Precious metal

Lead Wire Length

Standard 300mm (11.811inch)

Housing Material

Aluminum alloy


≤9.25 g·m  (for reference )


IP54 or higher


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