Turret Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2017-04-12

Turret slip rings are used in armed vehicles. Turret slip ring has many features that can transmit high power and signals, and compatible with data bus protocol, slip ring is long lifetime, maintenance-free, no lubrication, compact appearance characteristics, which can 360°continuous rotation transmitting power or data signal, sealed units are available, we could prompt shipment per your urgent requirement.




1, industrial machinery - processing center, rotary table, heavy equipment tower, cable reel,

2, test equipment, packaging machinery, pallet machine, CNC machine tools.

3, medical equipment

4, exhibition / display equipment

5, magnetic actuator, processing program control equipment, turntable sensors, emergency lighting, robots, radar, etc.


Jinpat Electronics production of conductive slip ring which can be used in tank turret, Jinpat has become a number of well-known domestic and foreign cable drum manufacturers delicated slip ring supplier, as one of the key components, the quality of the slip ring is directly related to the quality of the products. Jinpat Electronics product quality assurance, long life, more professional and technical personnel intimate service, 360-degree rotation of the solution, 360-degree intimate service. If necessary, please contact us in time.

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