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Dditors:admin Time:2011-01-13

Employees play a vital role to the development of the enterprise, which lies in enterprise how to treat staffs. In other words, how the enterprise concerned about the staff, then the staff will understand how to pay back to their enterprise. However, what is the best welfare that enterprise offers to employee? High wages, accumulation fund, insurance? We believe a lot of staffs tend to think all of the above. Nowadays, training frequently appeared in the most of the warfare of enterprises’ recruitment, so it enough proof that how important the learning chance it is in some of employees’ heart. It is the obligation and responsibility of enterprise to provide such learning opportunity for their staffs, also this is the basic factor to keep talents here. With the development of market economy and the improvement of staffs’ overall quality, a kind of concept already was established by Shenzhen JINPAT Enterprisegradually—Enterprise provides employees various training is the best warfare.

JINPAToffer staffs at least two times learning chance per week except some regular training about the product technology. Such as how to improve staff’s positivity, how to keep staff’s responsibility, how to enhance staff’s efficiency, how to let the staff better know “where is failure from, where to stand up” and so on these motivating lectures. Meanwhile, we will have special experienced sales experts to impart their rich knowledge in the sales field for our sales person, which make staff know better how to handle customer’s tricky questions and how to provide best service to customer and so forth. As the matter of fact, it not only improves enterprise’s image and development, mort importantly, but also enhance ourselves that go to higher level to move forward.

Recent years, along with the expansion and development of JINPAT, the whole quality of employees had increased dramatically. They are no longer satisfied with the material reward, but the progress of themselves and put forward higher requirement for accepting good learning chance after working. In that case, the leadership ofJINPAT Electronicsbegan to strength collective training, management personnel training and the skill training for the staffs, the purpose of doing that hope we will become a learning-oriented organization. Some high quality employees think that although physical welfare and reward would bring you more actual profit, after all you cannot possess permanently. What is more, through training and learning, your skills would reinforce in the working operation, also this is a long life benefit.

In the future, JINPAT will build better learning atmosphere and create more learning chances for the staff so that improve employees’’ quality, strengthen their group cohesion effectively. Then many problems will be solved ASAP. From employee to boss of JINPAT all aware that the importance of the learning, we believe in the near future, ShenZhen JINPAT Electronicswill take a new look appear in front of the world.?>?>?>?>?>?>

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