Signal Slip Rings transmit a variety of complex& sensitive signal

Dditors:admin Time:2016-03-30
JINPAT Signal Slip Ring
JINPAT slip ring can transmit various signals and can be integrated in standard or customized product. Various signal types can be integrated within one product. Please be rest assured because all performance index of this slip ring meets industry requirement well. 
Normal signals include: switch/control signal, RS485/232 signal, normal video signal, low frequency pulse signal, thermal resistance signal, VGA signal, solenoid valve signal, Profibus signal, encoder signal, TTL level signal, PAL video signal, NTSC video signal, Canbus signal and so on.
Special signals include: USB signal, Ethernet signal, 1394B signal, thermo-couple signal, SD-SDI signal, HD-SDI signal, IF Signal and so on.
Please contact us to recommend you suitable product and customization design.
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