Ship Equipment Slip Ring Rotary Joint

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The ship slip ring is refers to the ships, Marine equipment and other related equipment with conductive slip ring, is actually a kind of Marine propulsion system with conductive slip ring, also called Marine slip ring, maritime slip ring.

In recent years, China has made constant efforts to upgrade the maritime fishing, transportation, salt-making and other traditional industries; Developing Marine breed aquatics, oil-gas industry, emerging industries such as tourism and pharmaceutical, Actively explored new Marine resources as far as possible, and promote the deep-water mining, comprehensive utilization of seawater, and power generation of some potential Marine industries formation and development. By sea working environment relative to the land is poor, in order to ensure the operation safety at sea it is necessary to require offshore equipment with anti-salt spray, anti-acid, anti-corrosion and other high degree of protection features. General maritime equipment have patrols air defense radars, coastal shore detection platform, shells launchers, underwater robots, Marine propulsion systems, Marine cranes, etc. The conductive slip ring as an important component of marine equipment, not only requires simultaneous transmitting signal and power supply, but also are more demanding in salt spray, moisture and other requirements, due to the large humidity at sea, slip ring temperature range and temperature range is a very important parameter.


Characteristics of the ship slip ring

1, mixed (photoelectric / high frequency + electric) conductive slip ring optional

2, high reliability and long life

3, current up to 1000A or more and parts signal optional

4, the aperture size up to 800 mm or more

5, professional testing equipment to ensure its stability

6, the key contact material imported from Europe

Our production of precision conductive slip ring is widely used in ship and shore-based military and civilian equipment. Maritime slip ring not only requires stable performance, long life, easy maintenance, and fully meet the special requirements of different applications such as high degree of protection, high and low temperature (-55 ℃ +120 ℃), anti-salt spray, anti-vibration, impact resistance, anti-high voltage, low electrical noise (less than 5 milliohms), isolation greater than 60dB, very low signal transmission loss.


Typical Application

1, sea surveillance ship air defense radar

2, coastal defense base detection platform

3, shells launcher

4, underwater robot

5, marine propulsion system

6, marine crane

7, drilling platform

8, marine motor rotation center

9, marine cable reel

10, port machinery

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