The Semi-annual Report of Marketing department

Dditors:admin Time:2010-06-29


Today, JINPAT Electronics released its 2010 statutory half-year report ,which includes its consolidated Financial statements compared with 2009 performance results and then discussed current and future product development and circumstances. As a professional and experienced slip rings manufacturer, fortunately, we have accomplished the sales target of first half year just in four months.
The session was hosted by General Manager , who pointed out that this provides a sound platform for future operations. And the main purpose of holding the meeting is to strengthen the spirits of unity and coordinated effort including consciousness. The words we all kept in mind as a aim but also pursuit Innovation & Improving continously. alink_delimiter_one_string Slipring was produced by JINPAT which have been sold in so many European countries & America and the export value is suring dramatically. Accounting for a large share in the overseas market,it indicates that our slip rings enjoy high quality and strong competitiveness.

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