Rotary Slip Ring Are Essential In Monitoring Security Industry

Dditors:admin Time:2016-11-17

    Security refers to "safety", The protection measures taken is to protect their own safety needs, the security project is to achieve the whole process of security protection, and the security products is to serve the security engineering equipment. While the conductive slip ring is indispensable rotating parts for security products, so Jinpat electronics also known as "security slip ring."

    From 2008 the perspective of the application field of security products, China's security industry has begun to diversify the direction of development, such as education, telecommunications, oil, electricity, water conservancy and other self-building, large public places, factories and enterprises, shopping malls, a large number of new communities to increase, more and more new demand points.

    Security industry with the economic development and popularization, from an ideology into a materialized function system; now security has gradually developed into an industry closely related with the social economy and people's lives. In China, the early development of security industry are mainly rely on the government's special industries, the applications include government departments, finance, transportation, customs, public security and so on.

    The rotating conductive slip ring play a key role in security device. such as high-speed dome camera, PTZ camera, video conferencing system, etc. The mainly is collector ring are use of conductive ring sliding contact , electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling which is a precision transmission device for transmitting electrical signals and electric energy between in a fixed mount rotating parts and rolling or sliding parts. conductive slip ring completely solve the ubiquitous phenomenon of stranded wire that current infrared ball machine market, you can 360 ° without blind angle scanning!

    Due to the limited inside space of the security equipment, it is recommended to use small size and precise LPC capsule slip ring, LPM mini capsule slip ring, LPMS super mini capsule slip ring, which these several rotating slip ring has a transmission of HD video, smooth rotation, no loss of images, resistance fluctuation value is small, the video without interference and so on.

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