Problems to be paid attention to during the use of motor collector ring

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        Collector ring is used for motor commutator or slip rings, as the derivation of the current sliding contact, its possess of conductive, thermal conductivity and good lubrication performance, and has a certain mechanical strength and nature of the spark for the commutation.Almost all of the motor uses carbon brush, which is an important component parts of the motor. Widely used in all kinds of ac/dc generators, synchronous motor, battery, dc motor, hoist motor collector ring, various types of welding machines and so on.  
        With the development of science and technology, the type of motor and the use of working conditions more and more diverse, and thus need to have a variety of different grades of brushes to meet these requirements, therefore, the types of brush has increasingly with the development of motor industry. Then what’s problem should we need to pay attention when we use the motor slip ring in the process?
use Motor collector ring should be noticed:
(1) motor collector ring design generally at an altitude of no more than 1000m, the location of ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃ to run.   (2) motor collector ring in the additional voltage changes within ± 5%, can be rated by percentage to operate continuously. If the voltage fluctuate more than ±± 5%, the load shall be limited according to the manufacturer's specifications or test results.
(3) by the outdoor cooling air motor, in order to avoid be affected with damp, it must immediately stop the cooling air supply after downtime.
(4) Check the spark is normal under the brush, the motor collector ring (or steering gear) whether there is burns and wear.
(5 )Check the motor slip ring in the operation whether there is abnormal noise and vibration, the stator and the rotor are rubbed against each other.
        When Brush running on the collector ring, is in the contact surface to form a layer of uniform, moderate and stable oxide film, this is a good one of the main sign of the motor running. Brush in the collector ring on the run, in its contact surface to form a layer of uniform, moderate and stable oxide film, which is a good one of the main sign of the motor running. When the brush wear cannot to maintain the normal position and pressure, or brush wear to the original height of 1/3, the instructions should replace the brush block, the replacement of the new brush and the motor slip ring contact surface to be processed Into the corresponding arc, to ensure that the brush and the motor slip ring has a good contact (contact surface is no less than 75% of the total area). When processing with a fine abrasive cloth fixed to the motor collector ring surface, the brush simulated of the conditions in the emery cloth grinding into the desired arc. When the motor slip ring surface is worn or spark burn black, slightly available fine abrasive cloth carefully polished, and the abrasive clean; serious (such as the groove), you need to fine motor slip ring Surface, so that the roughness of 1.6, radial runout is less than 0.04 mm. The distance between the bottom of the brush holder and the surface of the motor slip ring should be kept on about 3mm.  
  The temperature rise of the motor core or enclosure shall not exceed the temperature rise specified in the insulation class of the motor. E-class: 80k (resistance); F-class: 105K (resistance). Motor should be maintenance, monthly should be minor repair, 1 year should be overhauled. The motor should be checked with the motor slip ring every week and remove the dust on the surface of the motor. Above is the Shenzhen Jing Pei Electronics Co., Ltd. engineers little advance for the use of the slip ring’s clients.

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