New Product----LPC-1C1202

Dditors:admin Time:2011-09-15

LPC-1C1202 --after our engineers’ hard work for nearly one year, this product has finally passed the test, and has set up a file through many customers affirmation. At present, the LPC-1C1202 has been produced!

LPC-1C1202 is a product which combines LPC-12T with a high frequency slipings. Its bandwidth can be up to 3GHz, insertion loss less than 0.2dB @1.0GHz; and its loop loss for 30 dB@1.0GHz . The coaxial connectors in addition to serve as a bridge outside, with the function of the signal processing, such as filtering, phase-modulation bits, frequency mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, and other functions, and low standing wave ratio and low loss meet the needs of weapon system and the precision measuring instruments.
This product is evaluated as the expert of transmitting high-definition signal, except the hd signal, it still can transmit other signals, such as, 1080 P signal and SDI. This product especially suitable for the equipments or systems which should transmit strong signal.

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