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Along with the developing and expanding of JINPAT Electronics, recently, arrays of new equipments has been purchased in order to reduce the cost of customers , also provide a rapid delivery time. Meanwhile, JINPAT would like to enhance the production efficiency dramatically, those latest equipments mainly aim to customized slip ring. Please see it as below:

APPLICATION: Used mainly for polishing the space of the tools which are used in the production process, for example: The space of the glue jig which plays very important role in improving the glossy degree of the products and producing the goods with higher quality.

1.Milling machine

2.Turning lathe

3.Grinding machine

4.Temp & Humid programmable Chamber

The instruments mentioned above represent that JINPAT will manufacture more products with better quality, also offers best after--sales services to turn out to different needs of every customer.?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>

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