Lifetime of slip ring achieves the world-class level

Dditors:admin Time:2012-06-10

Nowadays, in the field of domestic slip ring industry, JINPAT takes a leading position in the quality and lifetime of slip rings,but JINPAT is a high-tech company with great innovation and research ability and never satisfy with present status and stop. Therefore, in order to improve the quality and lifetime of slip ring and make it achieve the world-class level, JINPAT started the project of improving the process and control technology of surface finish of copper ring. With more than one year’s hard work of R&D, we finally completed the project successfully on March 25, 2012. Through repeated trial by QA, the lifetime of sip ring with improving copper ring is nearly two or three times of other companies’ products in China. The great improvement not only consolidates the leading position in the slip ring field in China, but also indicates that the slip ring produced by JINPAT which achieves world first-class quality.

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“Innovating and improving, employees’ participation as well as pursuit of customers’ satisfaction” drives JINPAT to work hard to improve the quality of slip rings. The success of new technology of surface finish witnessed the solution of JINPAT to provide our customers with the most reliable and durable slip rings at favorable price. Trust JINPAT and use slip rings from us. You will get high quality slip rings and good service beyond your expectation.

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