LED Billboard Industry And Conductive Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2016-11-07

With the development of science and humanity for the high pursuit of energy, the traditional incandescent light bulbs and energy-saving lamps have been unable to meet the development and pursuit of human beings, LED lamp with long life, high light efficiency, no radiation and the advantages of low power consumption into people's lives.

One of the most distinctive is the stage lights and billboards, it need to rotate the conduction, which requires 360 ° unlimited rotary conductive slip ring of intervention. Conductive slip ring is also called the the collector ring, Jinpat stage light collector slip ring and HDMI signal slip ring are successfully applied to all walks of life, LED three slip ring also more and more mature that along with the development of three billboards. It will be nothing of the traditional three transmission principle combined with slip ring technology, solved the two sides LED turn and ordinary LED three winding in the process of using, break line, transmission signal is not stable, torque, large fluctuations in resistance, the rotation is not flexible, short service life, maintenance difficulties and other issues.

Jinpat LPM micro capsule slip ring In addition to LED lights in the stage lights on three sides, it can also be used in CCTV security monitoring equipment, photographic camera, robots, test equipment, medical equipment, rotary table and automation equipment. Jinpat electronics have passed the CE, FCC, IS09001 and GJB9001B-2009 military product quality system. Jinpat productes all of the conductive slip ring are in line with ROHS requirements. Jinpat has accumulated rich experience in the military turntable, radar antenna, Shenzhou spacecraft, missiles, marine monitoring vessels and other supporting the use of slip ring technology, with a strong R & D strength to meet the different areas of the special needs of the slip ring. If necessary, feel free to contact our sales engineers, so that our sales engineers recommend models or design.

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