JINPAT's new address of shanghai office

Dditors:admin Time:2010-05-05

JINPAT Electronics, a famous leader& poineer in design and manufacturing slip rings, now has moved to larger premises in Shanghai to cope with a growing demand for its products and services.

We have much confidence about the prospect of slip ring field and also presently carry a great number and varity of charts and publications as standard stock, said by the direcror of JINPAT. The demand for the chats and publicity remains strong and our market distribution is growing a great deal of.
JINPAT,which established headquater in the ShenZhen, China. Furthermore, has had a presence in ShangHai also has office in Changsha (China), Singapore, USA.
Please see the office details as follows:
607 room No.9 building ,NingGuo Rd No. 313,Shanghai,China

Tel: 13917682623

Phone: 021-6543 1053

Fax: 021- 6519 5553

Email: shoffice@slipring.cn

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