Jinpat Split Slip Ring Electrical Connector

Dditors:admin Time:2017-03-21

Separate slip rings are available in due to size restrictions and do not need to be closed in some applications, the separation of the rotor and the contact brush combination can solve your problem of 360 ° rotating connected. Suitable for all kinds of small precision instrument or large rotation axis applications. Separate two parts can be provided Split slip ring: slip ring (rotor) and brush (stator), customers can install respectively. The rotor is a barrel-like structure, and the individual continuous copper surrounds the rotating shaft.



  1. Series of split slip ring can provide 2 to 10 circuits rotor and contact brush combination, including the center hole (9.55mm / 60mm) and 3 without hole for selection;
  2. Particularly suitable for small rotating system to transmit weak control signals
  3. Can be customized according to the specific needs of various types of split slip ring;


Sometimes a well-equipped capsule slip ring is not the best choice because of system size or cost constraints. We can cooperate with the customer's system to provide separate rotor and contact brush, that used in pneumatic or hydraulic drive system. It is particularly suitable for precision and compact devices, and we can according to your special requirements for you to design the most suitable for your separate slip ring.


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