Jinpat High Voltage Slip Ring Technology Breakthrough

Dditors:admin Time:2016-11-14

In order to meet the needs of market development, Jinpat Electronics has developed a high voltage capsule slip ring that the withstand voltage of 8000VAC. The insulating material is made of high insulation to ensure that the high pressure resistance of the product. On the basis of the capsule slip ring makes the product compact. The use of deep V groove design which can make the product multi-touch contact, and the surface by special treatment which can greatly reduce the friction; Contact choose high wear-resisting, high life precious metals materials and ingenious structural design with a ring to ensure good contact, low torque, low wear rate, low electrical noise, high-voltage wire used to ensure high pressure resistance characteristics.


This product design is compact, easy to install, economical and practical, which can be applied to some places that need to high pressure, external certain requirements. Another can be customized according to customer special installation requirements.


Jinpat high voltage new product recommendation: LPC-24A-GY

Technical Parameters

Number of channels 2

Operating speed 0 ~ 50rpm

Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

Humidity 60% RH

Raw materials comply with ROHS

Electrical performance:

Rated voltage 10000VAC / DC

Rated current 1A per channel

Dynamic resistance fluctuation value ≤ 15mΩ

Mechanical behavior:

Contact Material Precious metals

Wire Specifications High-voltage wire

Wire length Stator: 250mm

Rotor: 250mm

Shell material engineering plastics

Torque ≤ 0.005 N · m (reference value)

Protection class IP54

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