Jinpat Electronics: Wind Power Generation Exhibition

Dditors:admin Time:2016-10-20

Beijing International Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2016 finally closed at Beijing China International Exhibition Center. JINPAT participated in this great fair from Oct 19 to 21, and exhibited our leading products as well as new products such as LPW Series which are applied to wind turbine. It is suitable for power in 0.75-5.0 MW wind power equipment. It has high degree of protection, and in view of the problem of slip rings caused by gearbox oil leakage in China, a sealing device is added to the rotor joint to prevent oil from entering (Low) temperature, install the radiator and the low temperature heating device automatically, to ensure the reliability of the product. This exhibition attracted a large number of customers attention. As a professional manufacturer of slip ring, JINPAT has always devote to the research and development of slip ring.

Jinpat Electronics has more than once to participate in a variety of domestic and international exhibition, on the one hand, this reflects that we hope to seek more potential customers, on the other hand, also shows that our company's own strength and product quality is beyond doubt, We have been engaged in the manufacture of slip rings for 20 years. Our products are mainly applied in the fields of security, medical equipment, aerospace, radar antenna, robot, video monitoring, engineering machinery, manufacturing and processing control system, etc.

At last, I hope that this exhibition will have a excellent achievement because of our endeavor and strength, also I believe that we will find more potential customers.






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