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Explosion-Proof Conductive Slip Ring

The so-called explosion-proof slip rings, is conductive slip ring with explosion-proof certification. JINPAT Electronics explosion-proof conductive slip ring is dedicated to a high reliability, high explosive environment protection grade of conductive slip ring, in the structure, this kind of conductive slip ring to ensure that it will not become the hidden trouble of the explosion when its work in explosive environment, which have the characteristics of no explosion, do not pass the explosion.

Application Level Of Industrial Slip Ring In High - End Field Of Industrial Equipment

In modern times , in the field of high-end industrial equipment, there are many such as the revolution, rotation and other diverse relative movement requirements.  That is, While mechanical equipment of 360 ° continuous rotary motion, the rotating body also need multiple movement. When Industrial slip ring have movement, they need energy, such as electric energy, fluid pressure energy

HD-SDI Conductive Slip Ring

SDI slip ring is actually what we usually refer to the high definition slip ring, HD video special slip ring possess some advatanges of stable high-definition signals, signal attenuation loss and low fluctuation transmission, long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication etc.

JINPAT Electronics slip ring committed to security industry

Security refers to "safety protection", which is to protect their own security needs to take some preventive measures. Meanwhile, security engineering is the whole process of realizing safety protection and security products serves security engineering equipment. What is more, conductive Slip Ring would be the indispensable rotating component for security products.

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