The Importance Of Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2017-01-11

Recently, Kenya's energy minister has proposed a plan aim to tap the country's potential for wind power, renewable energy department chief officer Paul Mabbs said: now the government's focus on using wind power to meet the country's increasing demand for electricity. With the country's strong development of wind power, wind turbine slip ring market prospects will be considerable.

Wind turbine slip ring plays an important role that control the whole system of power, control signals and data transmission in the wind power system, which is a key component in the entire fan system, Its precision, reliability, mechanical properties and service life utilization directly impact on the https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/vente-viagra-original/ overall quality of the wind power system performance.

Slip ring as a key component in wind turbine control systems, wind turbines are critical to achieving the intended performance of the wind turbine, and therefore, high quality slip rings and their suppliers are a strong guarantee for successful wind turbine development.

In view of the special application requirements of wind power generation system and the actual use environment in China, Jinpat Electronic R & D team specially designed and developed a special slip ring for wind power generation system.The key materials are imported materials, the internal built in advanced production equipment and detection systems for various functions of wind power slip rings, so that Jinpat wind turbine slip ring has good resistance to low temperature, high humidity, anti-sand, corrosion, shock, vibration, stable performance without maintenance and other characteristics, life of up to 20 years Or 100 millions rotate.

Jinpat Electronics can tailor a variety of wind power slip ring for wind power equipment manufacturers, which is widely used in power of more than 600KW wind power generation system.

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