High current slip ring LPR-6H released

Dditors:admin Time:2010-07-29


Dear Valued JINPAT Customer:
Good news!
At JINPAT, we are working hard continuously to come up to your satisfaction with our products. Here, we would like to inform you that the latest high current slip ring has been made available for the JINPAT Slip Ring model:LPR-6H(Specification as below)
Circuits: 6
Voltage Rating: 240VAC/DC
Electric Noise:≤8mΩ
Housing Material:Aluminum alloy
Contact Material: Gold to Gold
OD: Φ33×36.50mm
Compared with the previous LPR Series, this one will be more Precised, especially for Electric Noise that customers always required about it .The main purpose for performing this upgrade is to improve the reliability of our slipring.We hope that the majority of High Current slip ring users will take full advantage of this over the coming month.Many slip ring manufacturers on the market offer attractive feature sets but it is much harder the high performance that LPR-6H provide.
The LPR-6H(high current slip ring) is set to become a key role for effcient and sustainable slip ring field.At the same time, we are going to launch more first class quality slip rings in the short run.
Many thanks for your support and cooperation of every of our customer.The road for the prospect would be unpredictable, but JINPAT will try best endeavor to content with your different needs.

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