HD-SDI Conductive Slip Ring

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SDI slip ring is actually what we usually refer to the high definition slip ring, HD video special slip ring possess some advatanges of stable high-definition signals, signal attenuation loss and low fluctuation transmission, long life, maintenance-free, no lubrication etc.

HD-SDI video slip ring are generally used in surveillance cameras. This is a new product in the field of slip ring, of course,a camera with SDI slip rings is a new product for the surveillance industry, areas are widely used in foreign countries, the domestic technology is not very mature. Nevertheless, the domestic part of the monitoring manufacturers have begun to try to seize this piece of new markets, so SDI slip ring began to grow up slowly, but the growth period of the SDI slip ring can meet the user's basic requirements, while There are still many technical limitations, resulting in the user can not fully meet the requirements. Now know that some foreign customers in the use of the SDI slip ring models LPCC-01, LPCC-02, LPC-1C1202, LPC-1C2402, etc.


SDI slip ring features

1, high-speed digital signals, electricity and high-frequency transmission at the same time

2, 50Ω / 75Ω impedance optional, 3GHz, 1080P signal

3, the leading military technology, low contact resistance, compact design, low torque, reliable operation

4, gold - gold contact point to ensure long working life

5, metal shell, wire size, length and connector connector optional


Jingpat quality strategy

1. To rely on scientific and technological innovation, quality assurance, to create the most valuable business model.

2. Continuously enrich the connotation of brand culture, and further enhance the engineering machinery conductive ring to a higher level of industrialization, international brand forward.

3. To enrich the connotation of brand competition strategy, to achieve brand management and professional operation of the principle, so as to enhance the corporate image and brand image.

4. Jinpat will continue to tap brand resources, cultivate brand culture, enhance brand value, improve brand competitiveness, and promote international brand.

Jinpat products are absolutely eco-friendly, non-polluting, choose Jinpat slip ring to provide you with solutions that can save more resources for the country. So that more people know slip ring, understand slip ring, choose slip ring, Jinpat electronics will use superb technology to your satisfaction with the rotation solution.

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