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Explosion-Proof Conductive Slip Ring

The so-called explosion-proof slip rings, is conductive slip ring with explosion-proof certification. JINPAT Electronics explosion-proof conductive slip ring is dedicated to a high reliability, high explosive environment protection grade of conductive slip ring, in the structure, this kind of conductive slip ring to ensure that it will not become the hidden trouble of the explosion when its work in explosive environment, which have the characteristics of no explosion, do not pass the explosion.

Functions of JINPAT Hybrid slip ring and High Current Slip Ring

Generally slip ring is applicable for any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals. It is generally installed in the rotation center of mechanical equipment which generally comprises two parts of the stationary and rotating components. The rotating part commonly known as rotor is attached to the rotation structure of the device whereas the stationary component commonly known as stator is attached to the fixed part.

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