Functions of JINPAT Hybrid slip ring and High Current Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2016-07-21

Generally slip ring is applicable for any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals. It is generally installed in the rotation center of mechanical equipment which generally comprises two parts of the stationary and rotating components. The rotating part commonly known as rotor is attached to the rotation structure of the device whereas the stationary component commonly known as stator is attached to the fixed part. The most important feature of slip ring is to make the transmission easy. It ultimately improves the performance of rotating equipments, generators, turbines and so many other objects that require energy.

 Hybrid slip ring these days has shown an increasing demand in hi-tech equipment and industry. Mechanically, it is an integration of fiber optical rotary joint with electrical slip ring. It is highly applicable in meeting the demand of transferring optical signal besides other signals and power through only rotary joint. It improves the mechanical performance effectively and simplifies system. It has so many advantages like it can work in harsh environment, easy installation having durable lifetime. It shows a magnificent synchronization in transferring power, common signal along with the optical signals. These slip rings are highly applicable in radar antenna and military systems, air traffic control, medical engineering equipments, TV camera systems etc.

High current slip rings is a special type of slip ring which is in a high demand mow. It is highly beneficial for eliminating arcing, friction in electrical contacts resulting welding, plating and other high current industrial applications achieve higher product quality in greatly reduced energy consumptions. Basically these slip rings are often used as rotary electrical connectors when high current is required for heating elements or similar devices.

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