Fluid slip rings

Dditors:admin Time:2016-04-08

Along with the advance modern science and technology, the requirements for the types of slip ring becomes more and more diversification. The slip ring can not only transmit power signal, also need to transmit signal under high frequency bandwith, Gas, Fluid. JINPAT has the slip ring specialized in designing the fluid rotary joint to transmit kinds of fluids. The hydraulic part’s protection class is IP65 or higher with the precious metal contact material. The fluid can be oil, water and etc conducting liquid.

JINAPT has one part professional hybrid slip ring LPT070-0201-4S-4Y with 4 channels to transmit oil, 4 circuits Ethernet signal and 2 circuits @ 1A power.

JINPAT fluid slip ring has the advantage of long lifetime, no need maintenance & lubrication, rotating 360 degree to transmit power and signal and fluid.

We can customized the slip ring for you according to your environmental conditions. 

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