Explosion-Proof Conductive Slip Ring

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The so-called explosion-proof slip rings, is conductive slip ring with explosion-proof certification. JINPAT Electronics explosion-proof conductive slip ring is dedicated to a high reliability, high explosive environment protection grade of conductive slip ring, in the structure, this kind of conductive slip ring to ensure that it will not become the hidden trouble of the explosion when its work in explosive environment, which have the characteristics of no explosion, do not pass the explosion. Explosion-proof slip ring is also known as the explosion-proof conductive slip ring, explosion-proof convergence ring, explosion-proof collecting ring or flame-proof slip ring.


Why should we choose explosion-proof conductive slip ring?

In the explosion of dangerous places, often accompanied by chemical corrosion, salt spray and other special factors, the impact of these factors will not only destroy the slip ring electrical performance and mechanical properties, is more serious is that destroys the explosion-proof safety performance of conductive slip ring, shorten the explosion-proof safety life of slip ring, creating uncertainty explosion-proof safety of slip ring.

mechanical properties, more serious damage to the conductive slip ring explosion-proof safety performance, shortening Slip ring explosion-proof safety life, making the slip ring explosion safety is uncertain. And the conductive slip ring is conductive by the relative friction between the conductive contact materials, So the principle is that can not avoid the spark, Conventional conductive slip rings are usually only focused on electrical performance, while the protection is relatively weak. Therefore, the use of explosion-proof type conductive slip ring will be significant security hidden danger in explosive environment.

JINPAT is specialize in customized solutions, until now, our model have over 12000 units, and over 80% of models are customized with customer request and base on technology and full experience, JINPAT’s electrical slip rings for anti-explosion solution include traditional carbon brush, gold wire contact, gold fiber brush contact, non-contact transmission, and each of the solution application depends on the customers’ real application request with economical and high quality and reliability.


Jinpat Explosion - Proof Slip Ring Typical Application:

It is widely used in machinery and equipment, petroleum, chemical industry equipment, military, explosive gas, explosive dust environment etc.


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