Enterprise Resource Planning System

Dditors:admin Time:2011-11-24

With the high-speed development of our company, traditional management is no longer to meet the demand. In order to improve efficiency and competitiveness, JINPAT Electronics utilized the advanced enterprise resource planning system at the beginning of 2011. It is not easy for a company to adopt a new management system. JINPAT Electronics invests a large amount of capital and labor to prepare for the utilization of ERP. With the hard endeavor of all the staff, JINPAT started the ERP system successfully on July1, 2011.

Why do JINPAT need enterprise resource planning system? There are some important reasons to be mentioned. First, JINPAT is professional slip ring manufacturer with more than 14 years' experience. With the development of our company, existing management system is no longer to meet the current requirements well. Secondly, JINPAT is dedicated to providing our customer's with high quality products and excellent service. Strengthen our management and improve work efficiency is a key step to realize our commitment to offer customers' best slip ring and service. Thirdly, effective utilization of ERP could cut down operational cost and promote the whole competitiveness of JINPATMeanwhile, we could provide our customers with high performance slip rings at favorable price.
All that we do is to pursue our customers' satisfaction. Trust JINPAT Electronics, choose the perfect 360°rotation solution---precise slip ring.

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