Development Trend Of Through Hole Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2016-11-23

    Society in progress, science and technology in development, slip ring production skills have been greatly promoted. But even though, through hole slip ring as a highly sophisticated instrument,As for the other parts of the production technology and environment will also be necessary to strict control.

    In order to ensure the quality of goods, It is necessary to standardize the slip ring from the source into production technology and processes, the operating staff may also be strict rules,while the quality assurance department is also probably active and harmonious operation, and then automatically with the relevant part of the staff have excellent communication and High-quality production. But also need delicated drawings, in order to ensure accuracy it is essential that check engineering drawings after completion of each working procedure before the next working procedure. When select we should also choose the best wear-resistant insulation materials. While contact information should also be good conductive, wear-resistant corrosion.

    Hollow shaft slip ring also called through hole slip ring, what is through hole slip ring? There are many structure of Slip ring, according to the structure, the use of areas, transmission media, etc. there have different classification,through-hole slip ring is mainly divided from the structure, also known as hollow shaft slip ring.

    The use scope of slip ring is mainly need for unlimited continuous rotation from a fixed position to the rotation position of the transmission power or data, its manufacturing process and the principle are similar with other slip rings which by brush bundle and touch point contact to the current, signal and other data from a fixed position to the rotational position. The basic technical parameters of the Through-hole slip ring are mainly diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed and so on.

    Jinpat electronics responsible for that the future through hole slip ring will be a lot of applications in the automation equipment, automated testing equipment, automated robots, manipulators and other future new areas , at that time, on the slip ring structure and technical parameters of the indicators put forward higher requirements. Therefore, slip ring manufacturers should invest in R & D funds to research new products and new structures to meet the future demand for through hole slip ring while manufacturing existing products.


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