The Development Prospects Of Conductive Slip Ring In The Coming Years

Dditors:admin Time:2013-10-10

    In today 's scientific and technological change in the way of productivity, industrial production has undergone tremendous changes. The technology of conductive slip ring is quite mature through the past few years to carry out, from simple imitate on foreign high-quality ring to the present independent innovation to describe a special non-standard slip ring, conductive slip ring from quantity increase to prance, into a higher level. The detailed layout of the conductive slip ring has also undergone great changes, but the basic layout is relatively stable, not a very big change. What about the future prospects of development? Today Shenzhen Jinpat electronics to do a detailed explanation for you.

     Modern processing industry is characterized by intensive production, the intention is to improve the production of power and improve productivity. Large-scale systematic production can make full use of the principle of division of labor cooperation between people, greatly improve the production of the power. The production of conductive slip ring on the environment and the process of demand is very stringent, especially military industrial collector ring, its very strict for the quality requirements. The number of relatively small conditions, which can only be craft production, not mass production, greatly improving the production costs and reduce production efficiency. Precision conductive slip ring and military slip ring require is very high that for the environment and the process of demand, generally for a small batch of single need to pay several times and human ability to finish.













     Conductive slip ring also known as rotating electrical interface or electrical rotating joint, primarily can be used for unconstrained successive rotating from fixed layout to rotate layout and signal transmission current industrial parts. Its basic layout is mainly sliding contact surface data combination bracket, insulating material bonding information fine bearing. The key skills of conductive slip ring combination of support and insulation materials with the support and technology, the more the number of ring channel, the higher the demand for technology, these rings can be called fine industrial equipment parts. If the slip ring is slightly different, it will cause the whole parts can not work, but also leave security risks, it may form a larger loss to clients in the future. Conductive slip ring from the traditional slip ring into hollow shaft slip ring, the capsule slip ring, separate slip ring,  pan cake slip ring, optical fiber slip ring, wind turbine slip ring, high-speed and high-frequency slip ring, and so on.





     In this 2 years, because the country is changing the form of economic growth, adjust the economic layout, economic development from large investment, real estate industry gradually developed into new industries and services. New energy and new materials industry has been an unprecedented attention, which in new energy and new materials wind energy fan as a potential commercial energy, is the key point that supported from national policy, wind energy as a clean renewable energy, will be More and more get attention from all over the world. In this premise, the conductive slip ring industry will be the rapid emergence of the second large-scale planning growth, wind turbine slip ring as a new energy industry will be essential fine industrial equipment parts, the prospects are very broad, in the future 5-10 years, under the strongly advocating and developing of low carbon energy saving, the development of conductive slip ring will be accompanied by the adjustment of national economic layout.


     Shenzhen Jinpat Electronics Co., Ltd. produces slip ring can fully meet the 360-degree rotation of unlimited power, control and digital signal mixing transmission; use of advanced fiber brush technology, maintenance-free, no lubricants; each multi-point contact, low Contact pressure, low noise and low contact wear, long service life; standardized, modular design, product specifications complete, and can be tailored to customers for satisfy their needs.



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