The Development Of Industrial Industry Drives The Motor Collector Ring Market

Dditors:admin Time:2013-10-14


       Since the 21st century, the three times of the Internet revolution played an important role in the development of the society, and the application of industrial products in today's life which also play an absolute role, since entering the WTO, domestic industrial production industry has changed with each passing day, motor collector ring for example, the last 10 years of replacement speed is year after year.

       And the rise of domestic production capacity of heavy industry, which also brought great benefits to other machinery industry market, such as the motor market in 2012 due to the introduction of new technology industries in Germany and the successful implementation of industrial transformation, a large variety of new products, led accessories also Resulting in a higher sales situation. Collector ring market is also a high development prospects also led to slip ring brush and other industrial parts market. a large variety of new products, which drive accessories had high sales situation. The high development prospects of the collector ring market also led to the industrial parts market such as slip ring brush. With the recent elimination of backward production capacity of the country views the implementation of the pain has passed, the situation of overcapacity has been greatly alleviated. With the development of science and technology, the type of motor and the use of working conditions more and more diverse, and thus need to a variety of different grades of brushes to satisfy these requirements, therefore, the types of brush has increasingly with the development of motor industry.

        In the rapid development of industrial markets, technical service and maintenance team is also essential, and when we in choosing a collector ring and brush also should try to choose the high quality team, so as to cause unnecessary trouble. Shenzhen Jinpat electronics co., LTD is a domestic leading, have many years experience that focused on research and development production and sales a series of industrial brush, collector ring, conductive slip ring, conductive ring high-tech companies. Jinpat electronics product line complete, the performance and the indicators are always in the forefront of similar products, with a number of international authoritative certificate of testing institutions, we will long-term to provide products and technical services for domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers, military units, research institutes, colleges and universities , to become their long-term fixed-point qualified suppliers, a large number of products exported to Europe, America and Japan on most of the developed countries.


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