Congratulations "Ocean One" set sail

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China's largest ocean-going scientific research ship "Ocean One" set sail from Guangzhou Cheung Chua wharf at 3:00 p.m. on December 8, 2010, which carry out 22nd ocean voyage task and rush to the Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The picture shows "Ocean One" docked Guangzhou cheung chau:
The picture shows "Ocean One" docked Guangzhou cheung chau:
The whole nation have a jubilation for the “ocean one” begins another voyage, at the same time, as the slip ring supplier for "Ocean One" ,Shenzhen JINPAT Electronic Co., all of staffs are very excited. we have reason to believe that JINPAT Electronics can provide you the slip ring with high quality!

So far, JINPAT electronics has provided two slip rings for the “Ocean One”, one of them is electronic slip ring, and another one is Fiber Optic Rotary Joint.
The electronic slip ring has been with "Ocean One" gone through three voyages, this is the fourth of its journey, which is characterized by high voltage up to 3000V, for the transmission of high-current and it has the normal operation for many years, without any quality problems.
Recently, the State Oceanic Administration chooses JINPAT again, and purchases another product - Fiber Optic Rotary Joint. Fiber Optic Rotary Joint is a kind of high-end products, what’s more, its production process is much more difficult. Fiber Optic Rotary Joint is made of glass fiber cable that not transmits electrical signals, but the optical signal.

JINPAT Electronics offers a 3-channel single-mode transmission product, single-mode optical transmission device adopt LD, usually its wavelength is 850nm or 1300nm, and according to output power can be classified General LD, high-power LD, and DFB-LD.
The installation location of Fiber Optic Rotary Joint:

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