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Company Profile:


JINPAT Electronics is a professional slip ring manufacturer in China. JINPAT has become one of the best-known Chinese brands
in the world for high quality slip rings and first-rate service. Since founded in 1996, we have been committed to innovating, developing,
manufacturing high quality slip rings and providing perfect rotation solutions for customers around the world. 
With more than 16 years' experience in the field, JINPAT has established long term business relationships with transnational
corporations, research institutes, military-industry departments, famous universities as well as a lot of companies in various
industries at home and abroad. At present, JINPAT are looking for excellent dealers in the world.

Main Products:

JINPAT has a modern factory located in Shenzhen Chi


na which covers an area of 7000 square meters advanced production equipment and hi-precision test instruments with skillful 300
employees' hard work make our slip rings reliable and durable and of high quality. By far, we have created most fully-fledged
products series to meet different requirements for all kinds of applications. Now we can provide customers with slip rings as follows:
1. Capsule slip ring (LPC/LPM/LPMS series)

2. Through bore slip ring (LPT series)

3. Separate slip ring (LPS series)4. Electrical rotary connector (LPR series)

5. Pan cake slip ring (LPK series)

6. Fiber optic rotary joint (LPFO series)

7. High frequency slip ring (LPHF series)

8. Wind turbine slip ring (LPW series)

Our excellent sales team and outstanding engineers will cooperate with you to provide you with suitable slip ring and perfect rotation solution at lowest cost.

As always, JINPAT is committed to meeting customers' need while exceed their expectations.



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