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Application Level Of Industrial Slip Ring In High - End Field Of Industrial Equipment

In modern times , in the field of high-end industrial equipment, there are many such as the revolution, rotation and other diverse relative movement requirements.  That is, While mechanical equipment of 360 ° continuous rotary motion, the rotating body also need multiple movement. When Industrial slip ring have movement, they need energy, such as electric energy, fluid pressure energy

Bief Introduce Generator Slip Ring

Slip ring is what we usually said the conductive slip ring, brush, collector ring, rotating electrical joints or electrical rotor. Today's generator slip ring is our traditional collecting ring, which used in motor commutator as a sliding contact body for deriving and incoming current. its conductivity, thermal conductivity and lubrication performance is good, and has a certain mechanical strength and the instinct of the commutation spark.

Problems to be paid attention to during the use of motor collector ring

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