Build clean room to further improve the quality of slip ring

Dditors:admin Time:2012-08-21

Though the production environment of slip ring is not as strict as medicine, clean production environment plays a key role in the quality of slip ring. If dust in the air accumulates too much on the surfaces of copper ring and brush, it leads to short circuit easily. In order to make sure the slip rings of high quality and avoid any risk, JINPAT established a professional team who are skilled in building clean room in May. The team improved the environment of the whole factory and built clean room (As shown in picture). Clean room keeps the environment of the cleanliness, temperature, humidity in a stable state during the process of production, testing, packing of the slip ring. Repeated test proves that various performance indexes of the slip rings produced in clean room have been improved a lot.

JINPAT is not content with present achievement and always makes any efforts to further improve the quality of slip rings. To pursue customers’ satisfaction, we spare no efforts to provide customers with cost-effective slip rings and motion solution as well as good service. We are committed to being a trustworthy and long-term slip ring supplier of our customers.


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