Bief Introduce Generator Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2017-01-17

Slip ring is what we usually said the conductive slip ring, brush, collector ring, rotating electrical joints or electrical rotor. Today's generator slip ring is our traditional collecting ring, which used in motor commutator as a sliding contact body for deriving and incoming current. its conductivity, thermal conductivity and lubrication performance is good, and has a certain mechanical strength and the instinct of the commutation spark. Almost all motors use carbon brushes, which is an important component of the motor.

Jinpat slip ring working principle: conductive slip ring is the use of conductive ring sliding contact, electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling, fixed frame rotating parts and rolling or sliding parts between the transmission of electrical signals and power transmission precision transmission device.

Conductive slip ring is a precision power transmission device for transmitting electrical signals and power transmission between in a fixed mount rotating parts and a rolling or sliding parts which use of conductive ring sliding contact, electrostatic coupling or electromagnetic coupling.

Precautions on Operation of Jinpat Generator Set Ring

(A) by the outdoor total to the cooling air motor, in order to avoid moisture, in the shutdown, the supply of cooling air must be stopped in time.

(B) check the brush under the sparks are normal, the motor collector ring (or steering gear) whether there is burns or wear.

(C) Check the motor slip ring when running whether there is abnormal noise and vibration of the stator and rotor is rubbing.

(D) Mercury conductive slip ring is generally designed at an altitude of no more than 1000m, ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃ place to run.

(5) When the additional voltage change is within ± 5%, it can be continuously operated at nominal rates. If the voltage fluctuates by more than ± 5%, the load shall be limited according to the manufacturer's specifications or test results.


The collector ring of the conductive, thermal and lubrication performance is good, The generator slip ring greatly improves the working efficiency of the motor. Almost all DC motors and commutator motors use brushes, which are an important part of the motor. Therefore, the collector ring plays an input / output current and the role of commutation, collector ring wear resistance of a direct impact on the life of the motor. 

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