As we all know, with the lack of renewable resources, today's society has the development and utilization of new energy sources in the first place, and in the past 10 years, wind energy has become the world's fastest growing energy. Wind energy resources are rich in our country, the government attaches great importance to wind power industry, only period of "11th Five-Year plan" of the wind power industry investment of 1.5 billion. The rapid development of wind power industry, drive the rise of the surrounding industry, wind power slip ring in the application of wind turbine are also growing.

Fan, when use restricted continuous rotation blade 360 degrees, we should be connected to the rotating parts.wire winding problem often at this moment, in order to solve this problem requires a rotating connector, the rotation of the slip ring acts as the power and signal transmission connection. Wind power slip ring in the wind power generation system is responsible for the entire system of power, control signals and data transmission functions, is the critical component of the fan system. Jinpat after a large number of case studies and field visits, the wind power slip ring needs to solve various problems into consideration, And devises different solutions for different specific applications on the wind turbine.

Do to the horizontal axis wind turbine with high efficiency of wind energy conversion, shorter axis in big wind turbines more highlights the economic advantages of mainstream models to make it one of the world's wind power development, and occupies more than 95% market share. At present, Jinpat electronics heavily in r&d and production application in large wind power equipment for wind power slip ring LPW series, it is suitable for power in 0.75 2.5 MW wind power equipment, high protection grade, and in view of the domestic work for the leakage of the gearbox oil affect the slip ring problem, increase the sealing device in rotor tapping,to prevent the oil from entering and not to affect the rotating torque of the rotor. And aim at the abnormal weather in recent years, in order to prevent bad weather for long time high (low) temperature,the installation of a cooling device and low-temperature automatic heating device to ensure the reliability of the product.

As the new type of vertical axis wind turbine research is successful, the demand for small and medium-sized wind power slip ring gradually increased, Jinpat slip ring program from the delicate capsule slip ring to multi-channel high-current hollow shaft slip ring to the optical fiber slip ring and Photoelectric hybrid slip ring to solve the various problems.

Sea is rich in wind energy resources and broad flat area,making offshore wind power technology has become a hot spot of recent research and application. In the next 30 years, offshore wind power will be big waves in the domestic development. Because of the high humidity at sea, therefore, the humidity range and temperature range of the slip ring are very important parameters. From the selection of the raw material to the final design, to insure that wind power slip ring has the advantages of good low temperature resistance, Humidity, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-vibration, stable performance without maintenance and other characteristics.

The service life of JINPAT slip ring nothing has reached the world level, is almost the same with the product life of more than 2 to 3 times, Therefore, Jinpat slip ring has been in the domestic slip ring industry leader position.


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