Application of slip ring in packaging machinery industry

Dditors:admin Time:2017-02-24

Packaging machinery means to complete all or part of the product or commodity packaging process of the machinery, as part of the automation machinery, a large number of rotating joints have been used, therefore the packaging machinery slip ring has a wide range of applications in this area. Due to the very high refinement of the industry application, they have made new demand about the quality of the slip ring and conductive ring.

According to the packaging services of different various objectives, physical media, there are different packaging methods. There are several different types of packaging machinery used in practical use, such as vacuum packaging machines, sterilization, cooling, dryers, cleaning, equipment, accumulation and related machinery, packaging filling and closing machines. Packaging machinery parts production specialization, miniature slip ring attaches great importance to improve the packaging machinery and packaging system, the general ability, so packaging machinery spare parts production specialization is the inevitable trend in the development, Many parts are no longer manufactured by the packaging machinery factory, these environmental protection measures are integrated to modify the data specification, and careful attention to the danger and risk assessment capabilities of the packaging machine.

Jinpat Electronics is specialized in the production of conductive slip ring and collector ring, the current product types are: mercury slip ring, capsule slip ring, miniature slip ring, hollow shaft slip ring, photoelectric slip ring, high current slip ring, separate slip ring, HDMI slip ring, high frequency slip ring etc. The company covers the military, maritime, medical, robotics, wind power, security, engineering machinery, heavy machinery, instrumentation equipment, it can be said that as long as the need for electrical equipment you can see JINPAT slip ring .

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