Mud scraper is mainly used in sedimentation basin that is with quite big diameter in sewage disposal plant, waterworks and industrial wastewater treatment plant. Such device is mainly used to dispose mud that deposits in the bottom of sedimentation basin and clear scum on the water. Mud scraper is consisted of motor device, operating bridge, primary mud scraping device, secondary mud scraping device, central turntable, skimming device, effluent weir and wall, and current collecting equipment. Conductive slip ring is an important part of mud scraper. During process of electrical design of mud scraper, engineers will meet wire wrapping problem when the machine rotate 360 degrees continuously and wires need to be connected to rotary parts. At this time, engineers need a rotary joint to transmit power and signal which is called conductive.

JINPAT through bore slip ring LPT series is usual used in mud scrapers.

Features of LPT through bore slip ring:

A through bore can be used to mount the slip ring on a bracket or used for routing hydraulic lines and pneumatic lines. Inner diameters are optional from 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 50mm, 96mm and 200mm

Different combinations of electrical channels are optional.

Advanced brush precious metal contact ensure reliable connection under ultra friction

Adopting Aluminum Alloy housing

High speed models are optional, that max. 2500rpm

High sealing grades are optional, max. IP68

Please contact with us to recommend you suitable model and customize products according to your requirements.

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