Application Level Of Industrial Slip Ring In High - End Field Of Industrial Equipment

Dditors:admin Time:2017-04-05

In modern times , in the field of high-end industrial equipment, there are many such as the revolution, rotation and other diverse relative movement requirements.  That is, While mechanical equipment of 360 ° continuous rotary motion, the rotating body also need multiple movement. When Industrial slip ring have movement, they need energy, such as electric energy, fluid pressure energy

Industrial slip ring with exercise, you need energy, such as electric energy, fluid pressure energy etc. Sometimes, it also need to control the signal source, such as fiber signal, high-frequency signal. Any relatively continuous rotate 360 ° electrical parts need to transfer function between the power supply, weak/signal, optical signal, different energy medium such as air pressure, hydraulic pressure, oil pressure, to ensure that the electrical appliances in the rotary motion as well as free movement of the mechanical and electrical equipment, you must use rotating connected device.

The surface smoothness of the motor miniature slip ring directly affects the quality of the motor product, motor running when the spark, the wear and life of carbon brush are related to it. At present, most manufacturers of quality control after cutting is based on experience, which gives the stability of product quality buried a hidden danger. Previously, domestic well-known companies use the imported equipment can very good solution to this problem, but the price is not ordinary one can accept. We developed this product has a high cost performance, basic can reach the performance of foreign product, but the price and service advantages are obvious.

Commutator mainly hook type, groove type, flat type and other specifications. Choose refined from imported raw materials, product performance has reached the international advanced level. It is widely used in electric tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles and other fields; Collector ring, carbon brush holder, wiring board with a variety of models of products, which used in automotive generators, gasoline generators and other fields. The commutator acts as a rectifier, and its role is to make the current in the armature winding is alternating direction, to ensure that the direction of electromagnetic torque is always the same. In the generator, Commutator can make the components of the alternating voltage between brush dc potential; In the motor it can make the external DC current into the AC current in the component, resulting in constant torque.

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