The Application And Prospect Of Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Dditors:admin Time:2017-06-16

    Current our country is in key period of economic and social transformation, which is the construction of ecological civilization, promote the crucial stage of energy revolution, renewable energy is growing from alternative sources of energy into main force. Wind power as the largest and the most mature technology development of renewable energy, in addition to natural green attributes, the resources endowment, capital cost, etc also have to compete with conventional energy power. Many countries have made wind power an important choice for improving energy structures and tackling climate change. The outlook for the wind industry is clear , enter the 13th five-year plan, especially after 2017.


    The rapid development of the wind power industry has led to the rise of surrounding industries, and the use of wind turbine slip ring in wind turbines is growing. Wind turbine slip ring as an important transmission part of the wind turbine pitch control system, In the fan cabin, which is mainly used to provide pitch power supply and transmission control required for electrical signals. Is the key component of the entire fan system. Its precision, reliability and working life directly affect the performance of wind power system and the power generation efficiency of the fan.


    The smooth structure of the conductive slip ring is involved in the directional rotation of the conductive sliding ring technology, Which relates specifically to the slip ring demand for wind turbine slip ring, aerospace gyroscope slip ring, helicopter slip ring, civil radar slip ring and other directional rotation equipment,It is the breakthrough of the traditional symmetrical brush technology, which significantly reduces the relative working pressure of the ring and brush, It also reduces the wear of the contact machine of the ring and brush, so that the working life of the slip ring to be effectively extended.


    China's wind farm geographical environment is more complex, there are hot and humid, salt spray, dust, cold, etc., coupled with oil leakage, it will cause damage to the ring and brush transmission, In the case of the large wind power equipment, the dedicated slip ring LPW series , which is developed and produced by microelectronics, has a higher protection level. And in view of the domestic work for gearbox oil affect the slip ring problem, increase the sealing device in rotor joints, It also prevents oil from entering, but also affects the rotating torque of the rotor. As well as for the abnormal changes in recent years, in order to prevent bad long time high (low) temperature, the installation of the cooling device and low temperature automatic heating device to ensure product reliability.


    Wind turbine slip ring as a wind power of the necessary components will also be rapid development, Like the previous high-performance wind turbine slip ring all rely on imports, these years, China's conductive slip ring production, research and development technology continues to improve, some small installed capacity of wind power slip ring can be achieved localization.


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